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 January at a glance

Wellington - luxury CBD Hotel

Saturday 28th: 4pm to 10pm

Sunday 29th: 10am to 4pm

Monday 30th: 9am to 10am

Tuesday 31st: 10am to 8pm


 February at a glance (so far)

Wednesday 1st: 10am to 8pm

Thursday 2nd: 10am to 8pm

Friday 3rd: 10am to 8pm

Saturday 4th: 1pm to 6pm

Sunday 5th: off

Monday 6th: 10am to 8pm

Tuesday 7th: 12pm to 8pm

Wednesday 8th: 10am to 8pm

Thursday 9th: 10am to 8pm

Friday 10th: 2pm to 8pm

Saturday 11th: 10am to 8pm

Sunday 12th: 10am to 4pm

My listed hours are subject to change

Please allow 24 hours notice for early morning or late night rendezvous and extended dates

Planning in advance is always appreciated

Accepting dates for February / March / April 2023 too

I would love to hear from you any time

021 081 60996

Read more about my prices and services here

I appreciate deposits of 20% of your booking fee to secure your session with me

These are to ensure I'll be able to cover my costs and to mitigate the risk of no-shows

Info about Tours:

I aim to stay in comfortable, spacious, and discreet locations, preferably serviced apartments. Pre-bookings are essential as I am often fully booked by the time I arrive, or have made plans to see local providers or be a tourist. Deposits are also essential for tours as there are higher costs involved

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