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October at a glance

Sunday 1st: 10am to 9pm

Monday 2nd: 10am to 9pm

Tuesday 3rd: 10am to 9pm

Wednesday 4th: 10am to 9pm

Thursday 5th: 10am to 9pm

Friday 6th: 10am to 7pm

Saturday 7th: 10am to 5pm

Sunday 8th: 10am to 9pm

Monday 9th: 10am to 9pm

Tuesday 10th: 10am to 9pm

Wednesday 11th: 10am to 9pm

Thursday 12th: 10am to 9pm

Friday 13th: 10am to 9pm

Saturday 14th: 10am to 9pm

Sunday 15th: 10am to 9pm

My listed hours are subject to change

Planning in advance is always appreciated

I do my best to be flexible around your schedule

I would love to hear from you any time

021 081 60996

Read more about my prices and services here

I appreciate deposits of 20% of your booking fee to secure your session with me

These are to ensure I'll be able to cover my costs and to mitigate the risk of no-shows

Info about Tours:

I aim to stay in comfortable, spacious, and discreet locations, preferably serviced apartments. Pre-bookings are highly recommended, as are deposits.

Upcoming Tours:


 Saturday 25th - Monday 27th November

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