My Availability

Please allow 24 hours notice for all dates

Afternoons / evenings preferred 

Read more about my prices and services here

Open to FMTY and tour requests June / July

COVID Protocols: I am fully vaccinated (boosted 10th Feb) and I expect you will be too. I'm RAT testing regularly. I keep my diary limited

Thank you for your patience

I would love to hear from you any time

021 081 60996

Looking for a morning rendezvous?

I'll require a small deposit to secure our time and an almond or oat milk cappuccino 

I appreciate deposits of 20% of your booking fee to secure your session with me

These are to ensure I'll be able to cover my costs and to mitigate the risk of no-shows

Info about Tours:

I aim to stay in comfortable, spacious, and discreet locations, preferably serviced apartments. Pre-bookings are essential as I am often fully booked by the time I arrive, or have made plans to see local providers or be a tourist. Deposits are also essential for tours as there are higher costs involved