Client Etiquette

Before making a booking to spend time with me, please read through the following

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This page will take around seven minutes to read.

Hiring a professional companion is like hiring any other service professional; you pay for the service, and the more respectful you are, the better time we both will have. As other service professionals, you can always expect me to be warm and friendly, and I enjoy developing relationships with regular clients. If you fail to be respectful and adhere to the boundaries I have set, I am within my rights and the law to terminate our session.

My prices reflect the mental, emotional and physical energy I put into my work.

My Clientele

I see people who are over 18 years old, all ethnicities, sizes, shapes, and abilities.
I am also comfortable seeing those who may not be able to communicate in English well.

I expect all clients to be respectful, appreciative, and have excellent hygiene.

Beyond this, I value thoughtfulness, an open mind, and a good sense of humour.

How to contact me

A great booking inquiry includes:

Your name

Desired date, time and duration of session.

Insight into the experiences you're seeking.

A small introduction about yourself

Where you discovered me - Twitter, ads, etc.

The information above is required as a minimum. I need you to prove you are able to follow instructions and display competency and respect. Inquiries which do not meet my expectations make me feel unsafe and therefore I am unwilling to allow you into my personal space. The more details you provide about what you enjoy, the easier it is for me to customise our session to suit your personal needs and wishes.

If you're not yet ready to make an inquiry, feel free to ask questions respectfully.

The Booking Process

Once you have contacted me, I aim to respond promptly. Email is the best way to ensure a speedy reply, as I do not always have my work phone on me. I aim to only respond in business hours between 10 - 4pm.

My initial responses look like:

“Thank you for getting in touch. I can see you at 6pm on Tuesday for an hour. Let me know if you have any further questions. Cheers, Chloe”

On the day, I’ll discreetly text:

“Hi there, just confirming your session at 6pm today for an hour”

After you’ve confirmed, I’ll send you my address along with instructions:

“My apartment is in a private residential building located at XXX. Look for XXX. When you arrive, send me a text and I will send you the number to buzz in on the intercom.”

When you text to say you’ve arrived:

“Please buzz in [number]. Come through the lobby and up to Level [number] in the lift."


Your screening information is always kept securely. I am the only person with access to all of my accounts and I use two-factor authentication where possible.  

My premises is extremely private and discreet, with no visible signs you are seeing an escort.

I will only provide address instructions when you have confirmed a booking, and I appreciate your efforts to keep this information secure. Please call if you become confused. I would prefer not to have you wandering around looking lost and attracting attention from my neighbours. If anyone asks, say you are visiting a friend on Level (number).

If you are running late for our session, please keep me informed. I will do my best to allow you the full time you have booked for without infringing on my other commitments.

Beyond our sessions:

I will not contact you unexpectedly with my availability unless granted permission.

If you see me in public, I appreciate your ability to respect my privacy and not approach me and vice versa.
If we talk about personal details such as work and family, I will always keep this information private and I expect the same.


For new clients and longer sessions, I appreciate a deposit of 20% to secure your desired time. Deposits give me peace of mind that you genuinely intend to honour our date. I have a dedicated business account for bank transfers. Please keep the reference discreet - your name or initials plus the date (15 July) and "consult" or "services" work well. Those who provide deposits take priority over those who refuse. I only consider your session locked in with a deposit.


Simply let me know if you need to cancel, I understand plans can change.

24 hours + notice: Full refund of your deposit.
12-24 hours notice: Deposit allocated towards your next booking or refund if requested.
Less than 6 hours notice or no-show: No refund. Deposit acts as a cancellation fee.

Cancellation fees are to compensate for income loss from being unable to replace your session.


I am able to provide references for clients I have seen within the last year. I understand most escorts internationally require a reference from another established escort, and I am more than happy to help others make safer, informed choices for their businesses.
Please email me here for this:

A final note

I am a non-smoker and would appreciate if you would refrain prior to our session.
Please use the mouthwash I provide. I use disposable cups for hygiene and having fresh breath is always appreciated.

Thank you for reading.

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