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Frequently Asked Questions

(Updated as necessary)

I'm a new client. How do I make a good impression?

The hardest part is making a decision and I'm grateful to be considered as someone you're looking to spend time with. There's no need to rush into it, take your time to research, browse through social media, and contact when you're ready. I'm able to offer advice where possible, and I'm happy to recommend my colleagues. Making the booking is an easy process as my expectations are outlined on my Guidelines page. You'll always communicate solely with me, and I make every effort to be patient and kind.


How do you ensure my discretion and privacy?

My personal apartment is located in a residential building in the CBD, and nobody would suspect where you plan to visit. The intercom is easy to use, and my instructions are clear and simple. I ask you not to loiter anywhere, just walk straight in as though you live here. If you're lost or confused, text me. When you arrive on my floor, I'll either have my door unlocked so you can come straight in, or I'll answer immediately and always fully dressed. You will never see or hear anyone else during your time with me.  For privacy, your details are kept securely with me and I will not contact you unsolicited. I am comfortable signing NDAs and using code words when communicating with you.

Do you accept bank transfers?
I am able to take full payment prior to our session for known clients. Please allow at least 24 hours, on business days only. I have a discreet business account for these transactions. I do not accept full bank transfers for same-day bookings or new clients, as I am not prepared to take on the risk of someone circumventing payment.  

How long have you been a sex worker?

I have been an independent full service sex worker for five years, alongside my University studies. Prior to this, I worked in an agency for 3 months (which closed after I left), and was a sugar baby before that. I have always been fascinated with the sex industry and enjoy exploring and learning more where I can. I really enjoy making connections with other providers and building community

Could you send me a face picture?

No. I have made a very conscious decision to not have my face in any of my online presence because of the stigma attached to this industry on a global scale, especially with facial recognition technology. I understand this can be an important part of deciding to book someone, however, it is too risky for me. I'm told I have a bit of a baby face, with big eyes, pouty lips, and clear skin. 

How do you greet clients?

I'll always greet clients with a big smile, wearing a silky dress or similar attire, and a warm hug. Starting the session fully dressed allows a chance for us to build rapport and become comfortable with each other before delving into intimacy. You are always welcome to make requests - if you'd rather I greeted you in lingerie and a robe, please ask! 

What if I'm early or late?

I appreciate punctuality; please be on time for our date. If you arrive early, I am probably still getting ready for you and cannot buzz you in. If you are running late, please keep me informed. I always allow plenty of time between clients to accommodate for unexpected traffic jams - I know what it's like to drive in Auckland! If you are over 30 minutes late, I may have to reduce our session length, but this extremely unlikely. If you decide to cancel without communicating with me, I will either ask for a cancellation fee or use your deposit as one. 

Do clients need to bring anything to session?

You only need to bring yourself and the payment for my time. I provide everything including condoms in multiple sizes, lubricants, fluffy towels and shower supplies, deodorant, hair dryer, nail clippers, plasters, etc. I can provide latex free condoms if you have an allergy - please let me know if this applies to you in advance so I can make sure I have enough. You are welcome to bring treats!

Do you see clients of X ethnicity?

I am happy to clients from any ethnicity, country, religious affiliations, etc. My choices to see clients are based on their ability to respect my profession and boundaries. I will refuse to see potential clients for the following reasons: failing to make a polite enquiry with the information I've requested, asking for natural services, or are overtly rude and demanding. Please remember the decision to meet is a mutual one

Do you see clients who aren't men?

I enjoy providing my services to clients of any gender. To reduce barriers of accessibility, I am happy to offer discounted rates. I would be delighted to provide a safe and comfortable environment for us to indulge each other. Let's have a date night

On being self-conscious

Being naked and intimate with someone new is often a vulnerable and emotional experience. I understand how being self-conscious can inhibit your ability to enjoy pleasure, so I want you to know I place no judgement on your size or shape or your ability to perform - you are perfectly wonderful just how you are. 

On safe sex

I only practice safe sexual services and this includes protected oral. I do not take on clients who seek unsafe services. If you request uncovered services during the booking, I will suspend our booking immediately without refund. I have a duty of care to all my clients (and their potential partners) to practice safely with everyone, including in my personal life. 

Learn how I practice safer sex and the rules NZ escorts follow 

What if I accidentally do something wrong?

It's okay, I will gently let you know if something is inappropriate - either I'm personally uncomfortable or if it may breach safe sex practices. I encourage you to ask if you're ever unsure. Consent is super important; it should be freely given, enthusiastic, and ongoing. This short video is an excellent overview on consent. Link

Do you offer kink/fetish services to clients?

I am open to exploring light activities, though I'm not professionally trained. We can explore these in my new Naughty GFE service

On drugs and smoking

Please let me know if you have engaged in any illicit substances prior to our booking; I prefer to be informed for my own safety. Drugs and intoxicated persons are not welcome in my apartment. I do not smoke or vape, and appreciate if you refrain prior to seeing me, otherwise please use the mouthwash. Vaping may be permitted under specific circumstances.

Why do you write so much?
I believe if you're going to spend a significant amount of money, you should have ample information to make a clear, informed decision. I want to provide transparency and confidence to my clients who often have a lot of questions about how this industry works and what to expect from their time with me.  

For more FAQ, please check out my blog post.

Do you see clients who are disabled?

Yes. I have experience with clients who have a range of physical, sensory, or intellectual disabilities. I am comfortable and experienced in working flexibility around your specific needs and with carers to ensure the best intimate experience possible for you. I allow for extra time in these sessions as required.

Can you accommodate specific requests (eg for sensory needs)?

Absolutely! Your comfort is important to me. If you'd prefer a certain kind of music, or want the lights kept on, please let me know. My apartment is lightly fragranced with diffusers and candles and these can be hidden. I wear perfume in places which won't rub on you (eg behind ears, knees, and ankles) which I can forgo if you're scent sensitive. I always have snacks if your blood sugar is low, though my drinks are usually sugar-free. My building is technically accessible for wheelchairs though my apartment has many turns and corners so I would recommend outcalls here.


I have completed the Touching Base Professional Disability Awareness Training Workshop which helps develop communication and skills around working with people with disabilities and their carers in the content of the industry. I found this experience invaluable

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