Frequently Asked Questions

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On safe sex...

I only practice safe sexual services and this includes protected oral. If you request uncovered services during the inquiry process, I reserve the right to not engage in activities such as kissing during our booking. I have a duty of care to all my clients (and their potential partners) to practice safely with everyone. 

Learn how I practice safer sex and the rules NZ escorts follow 

On drugs and smoking...

I am completely drug and smoke free. I appreciate your ability to refrain from using or offering these substances in my presence. Please let me know if you have engaged in any illicit substances prior to our booking; I prefer to be informed for my own safety.

How long have you been a sex worker?

I have been an independent full service sex worker for nearly two years, alongside my University studies. 

Could you send me a face picture?

I have made a very conscious decision to not have my face in any of my online presence because of the stigma attached to this industry on a global scale. Though I believe you will keep the photo safe, I cannot trust this will not be leaked at some stage. You are welcome to book a social date if you are worried I am not facially attractive. 

How do you greet clients?

I always greet clients wearing either a blouse and jeans or a form-fitting dress, and always with a big smile and a warm hug. Starting the session fully dressed allows a chance for us to build rapport and become comfortable with each other before delving into intimacy. Clients are always welcome to make requests - if you'd rather I greeted you in lingerie and a robe, please ask! 

What if I'm running late?

I always allow plenty of time between clients to accommodate for traffic jams and other events preventing you from being punctual. If you are over 30 minutes late, I may have to reduce our session length, but this is highly unlikely.

Do clients need to bring anything to session?

You only need to bring yourself. I provide everything including condoms, lube, towels and shower supplies. I have latex free options if you have an allergy - please let me know if this applies to you so I can make sure I have them. You are welcome to bring treats if you desire, though this is not essential.

How many clients do you see per day?

I'm including this question because I aim to be transparent. Typically I'll see two to three clients per day I choose to work. For those who book Dinner and Dessert Dates or longer, they are my only commitment. 

Do you see clients of X race?

I am comfortable providing my services to clients from every ethnicity.  My choices to see clients are based on their ability to respect my profession and boundaries. I will refuse to see potential clients for the following reasons: failing to make a polite inquiry with the information I've requested, asking for natural services, or are generally rude and demanding. I do not discriminate based on race / ethnicity

Do you see clients who are disabled?

Yes. I have experience providing my services to clients who have a range of physical and mental disabilities, and I am comfortable working with carers to ensure the best experience possible for you. I am adaptable to your specific needs.

On being self-conscious...

Being naked and intimate with someone new is often a vulnerable and emotional experience. I understand how being self-conscious can inhibit your ability to enjoy pleasure, so I want you to know I place no judgement on your size or shape or your ability to perform - you are perfectly valid just how you are. 

What if I accidentally do something wrong?

Consent is extremely important; it should be freely given, enthusiastic, and ongoing. I encourage you to ask if you're ever unsure. I will gently let you know if something is inappropriate - either I'm personally uncomfortable or if it may breach safe sex practices. This short video is an excellent overview on consent. Link

Do you offer kink/fetish services to clients?

I am open to exploring light activities with known and trusted clients, though I'm not professionally trained.  

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