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I adore playing with many beautiful, reputable escorts who are committed to providing a phenomenal experience. 

I would also love to join in a threesome with any escort of your choosing,

provided I have the opportunity to talk to them prior to us all spending time together.
Straight double: the attention is all on you.
Bi double: we play with each other too.

Click on their name for their personal website or social media
All bookings must be made in advance and deposits are necessary. 

Ashley Monroe - Auckland

Ashley is a sweetheart; she's a fresh burst of energy with an adorable laugh.

She embodies an affectionate, playful girlfriend experience and our styles are complementary. 

Your pleasure and satisfaction is our top priority
GFE straight doubles from $500 per hour

Lacey Addison - Auckland

Lacey is a truly captivating woman with a brilliant mind and a wicked sense of humour. Enjoy the intoxicating combination of two beautiful, highly sensual women adoring you.

Please contact me for prices

Indian Heer - Auckland

Heer is a passionate, beautifully presented, and incredibly sexy woman who is committed to indulging all of your senses and leaving you floating on air with her incredible skillset. 

Explore the mix of milk and honey and all the heavenly forms of pleasure we provide.

1 hour GFE straight double $600

 1 hour GFE bi double $700

Mystery Man - Auckland

He is a gorgeous man of many talents who adores providing intimacy focussed on your pleasure and satisfaction. He's attentive, charming, and we have excellent chemistry together. We are flexible to your desires, whether you yearn for an affectionate, relaxing indulgence, or are craving a higher energy, intoxicating kinky experience. 

Please contact me for prices as these vary based on the activities.

Miss Jordan Quinn

Jordan is a gorgeous, sensuous delight who is best known for her giggly personality.

You'll find her always impeccably dressed with an inviting smile and flirtatious banter. 

1 hour GFE double $700
2 hour GFE double $1200
4 hour dinner + play double date $2000


I am more than happy to recommend escorts both in New Zealand and internationally.

It can be really difficult and time-consuming to find someone from advertising sites.  

I'm highly likely to know someone who would suit you perfectly.

I have decided not to include a list on my website as I find this limiting.

Please make the subject line 'looking for a recommendation' in your inquiry.

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