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50 Shades of Black and White

By BlackFridayPhotography March 2020

Your decadent afternoon delight and beyond

A story by Karl Clifford. December 2019. 

Your Ultimate Dinner and Dessert

A story by Karl Clifford. December 2019. 

Let me show you a story of morning glory.

April 2019. Karl Clifford


You'll find me entangled in crisp white sheets 

A steaming hot cup of coffee in my hands

Your business shirt delicately frames the ample curve of my derriere 

My hair spilling secrets of our adventures from the night before

We embrace the rising sun together

And kiss our goodbyes at the door

A snippet of anticipation
April 2019. Karl Clifford


A yearning for intimacy

A burning desire

For passion between the sheets 

Take my hand

Let our fingers intertwine

Feel the warmth of my skin

Against yours

Silky, soft, smooth 

Pleasures Photography - February 2019

SM Studios - September 2018

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