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Can you give me a discount?

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

My first answer is always no.

I value the service I provide to all of my clients, and my prices reflect a number of factors, including the vast expenses I incur through running this business, and the hours of work which make performing my sessions possible. I enjoy being authentically intimate, and this requires a lot of emotional, mental, and physical energy. Respect and empathy are at the heart of my service; making you feel valued is important to me, and I expect the same in return. The experience is created and maintained by both of us being fully present.

I am acutely aware there are cheaper girls as I regularly check who's available on all the main escort sites. There are also girls who charge twice as much. You can go to Calendar Girls and pay my prices for a lap dance where kissing isn't on offer, let alone an orgasm. The industry has a price point for every budget. Trying to haggle or negotiate my rates is always seen as disrespectful.

Furthermore, the assumption I am making my hourly rate x 40 per week is wrong. I see an average of 10 clients per week. Escorts are not necessarily making thousands of dollars every week, it is an incredibly varied industry.

Spending an hour with me guarantees an intimate experience involving a range of services which may include kissing, cuddling, oral, and penetrative sex. I am able to adapt my service to be energetic, or slow and sensual, but always aiming to provide a satisfying girlfriend experience. When you treat me with respect and compassion, I am free to be my full, uninhibited self and provide a most pleasurable experience.



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