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Celebrating Chloe

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

I'm turning 22 this Thursday and I'm so excited. Being 21 has taught me some major lessons and introduced me to the wonderful world of escorting. I'm super happy with every aspect of my life at the moment, and I'm using this birthday milestone to reflect on my journey so far and celebrate my achievements. I've decided to be available to my regular clients this weekend so we can celebrate together.

To make our time extra special, I would love if you brought a gift for me too.

Some of my favourite things:

Dark Chocolate

Sweet white wine, Champagne, or Prosecco

Chloe Perfume

Vanilla based candles

Gift cards. Westfield, Bras & Things, Mecca Maxima, Novo Shoes, Farmers, etc.

If you're unable to come and visit, or simply want to make me feel extra special, feel free to send me an online gift card. Any gifts will be rewarded with pictures and videos of yours truly

Gift Ideas:



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