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Curated Curious Cat - A Continuation

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

This blog post is dedicated to the questions people have asked, are asking, and will ask about my life and experiences as Chloe Beaumont and more generally as an escort working in New Zealand. It will be updated as more questions are asked and answered.

I decided to deactivate my Curious Cat a while ago due to a number of bullies which I felt did not deserve the attention or satisfaction of getting away with spreading negativity through the anonymous platform.

How long have you been in the industry?

I began my career as a full service provider in April 2018. I worked at a small agency, now disbanded, for a couple of months before venturing into independent work. Being fully independent allows me more freedom and flexibility to curate my own working environment and conditions, though also presents challenges in terms of high expenses and large amounts of uncompensated admin labour.

Is this your full time job?

Currently, no. I have recently begun postgraduate studies in March 2020 and this is my priority during the week. I try to have incall availability on Sundays and Mondays, though I am available for hotel outcalls most evenings. For dates, I will be prioritising Dinner and Dessert and Overnights.

Are you really university educated, or is this simply part of the image?

I fully understand many providers create a narrative which may deviate from their reality, and this is often done for safety and security reasons. I am a terrible liar, and I would be easily caught out if I started. I may change some details of my stories, or embellish them slightly, but the basic premise is always true. I generally tell people the truth in what I have studied and I can back it up with my knowledge on the subjects.

What does the Girlfriend Experience mean to you?

GFE has become a kind of catch-all phrase clients use when they really mean they're looking for a friendly service which feels natural and enjoyable, not like a transaction. For me, being a GFE provider means having a genuine compassion for my clients, showing empathy and care for your wellbeing, actively practicing safer sex in a way which also educates, and being authentic in the way I perform intimacy. It means I will genuinely listen to you, respond in kind, embrace you fondly, and treat you like a lover.

Who is your ideal client?

Someone who is respectful, who practices consent, and who likes to cuddle. Being respectful in my books means having respect for my business, my time, my personal boundaries, and my body. Practicing consent means asking permission and not assuming I am open to every imaginable service, and this proves to me you care about my wellbeing as a person. The characteristics which don't matter to me and have no bearing on our time together are your age, height, weight, penis size, ethnicity, profession, relationship status, etc. I am happy to see people from all walks of life, so long as you arrive with an open mind, a positive attitude, and a healthy dose of respect and trust.

How do you feel about seeing clients who are inexperienced?

I have seen a number of clients who have visited me for their initial sexual debut, and I take this responsibility extremely seriously because I want you to get the best experience possible. I always recommend a social or cuddles session first so we can talk over your expectations and make sure we're both on the same page. For clients who are less experienced with women, or feel they lack a feminine presence in their lives, often due to working in male-dominated fields or being fresh from a long-term relationship, I am always happy to restore the balance for you. There is no pressure to perform with me, let me guide you and we'll explore together at a pace you're comfortable with. I take time at the beginning of my sessions to talk about what you're looking for, and I find clients seek connection and a sense of calm most of all.

I'd like to bring you a gift. What is a good idea?

I appreciate small, thoughtful gifts, such as cards with handwritten notes, or a punnet of strawberries, or simply something that reminds you of me. For scented things, I prefer vanilla and lightly floral. I love the feel of silk on my skin. I am currently saving for a couple of extravagant gifts at David Jones, so gift cards for there would be lovely.

Questions on Services

I enjoy pleasuring and being pleasured but I don't want to have sex. Would you still accept a booking from me?

I am open to a range of intimate experiences, and penetrative sex is only one of the services I offer. Being clear about the kind of experience you're interested in receiving is important so I can personalise and adapt the session. There are so many ways we can enjoy being intimate together without penetration.

Would you ever give natural blowjobs?

No. I value the safety which comes with using protection, and knowing there's less risk of infection leaves my mind free to focus on what's really important: enjoying pleasuring you. Providing services involving the transmission of bodily fluids is illegal under the legislation which you can learn more about on my Keeping Safe page under Etiquette.

Do you enjoy oral on you?

I hate to rock the boat with this one, as it seems everyone loves doing this, but it's not my favourite. I really struggle to orgasm this way, and I feel uncomfortable with the pressures I feel from clients to go down on me until I climax. I am happy to offer oral on me, though please understand I'm probably not going to finish, and that is not a reflection on your abilities at all.

Would you be up for playing board games during bookings? If so, what are some of your favourites?

Absolutely. My favourite board game is Scrabble. I love board games which have an intellectual challenge to them, though I'm impartial to the silly ones too. I have a whole range and I am always happy to bring them along to our session.

Do you accept massages from your clients?

Yes! I love getting massages, though please be gentle with me as I often cannot handle proper therapeutic massages, they're too intense. I am also under chiropractic care so please do not fumble around with my spine.

What does your massage service involve?

I'm no expert at giving massages, so I've been unsure to call this service a massage at all. I enjoy gentle, affectionate touch and feeling warmed oil on skin. I have been learning lingam massage techniques to provide what I term a very decadent hand-job, and I really enjoy exploring this with clients. The service involves kissing and cuddling too. It wouldn't be me if there wasn't a cuddle involved!

Questions on Branding

Did you make your website yourself?

I made my website using a Wix template, as I found their site most user friendly. I have been developing this since August 2018, and continue to work on it regularly to ensure it continues to reflect me accurately. In future, I will look into hosting my site on a sex worker friendly platform.

Why do you limit the sexual content of your work compared to other escorts?

I emphasise different aspects of my work asides from the assumed because I value emotional and intellectual connections made with my clients. Those who have seen me know of my fondness towards explorative, teasing touches and caresses, and my services are clearly listed on my website so there's no confusion about what I specifically offer. I am more than happy to pleasure you for 30 minutes straight, and sometimes I do, if you can handle it. However, I typically like to keep that kind of information between the sheets. My mind may change on this, and I occasionally dabble with cheekier photos and content. My advertising is fluid, and always open to suggestions.

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