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How to be my favourite client

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

This blog post is dedicated to informing you, my wonderful clients, on how to be an ideal client that makes me consistently excited to see you. Firstly, I view all of you as my lovers, or potential lovers; please do not be put off by my use of the term client as it helps me separate my business from my personal life. Secondly, please do not try to become part of my personal life, this is seen as intrusive. I am not looking to make friends, or to find a boyfriend: this is my little business and I am here to make money to become financially secure, while having a good time getting there. Thirdly, please read through my website before contacting me. I have devoted a lot of time to making this website, and texting me asking about my age or prices is frustrating because it shows you have not taken the time to research, and also wastes my time.

Asking for discounts or saying you only have X amount of money is a surefire way to put me in a negative mood. If you are unwilling to pay the full amount for my service, why should I try to provide you with my full, premium service? I know of a number of agencies and private escorts who are cheaper than me, and I am more than happy to direct you their way. My prices reflect the physical, mental, and emotional effort I place into my work, as well as the costs of maintaining my appearance and my happy state of being so you can enjoy spending time with a beautiful young woman who genuinely enjoys satisfying gentlemen.

Understanding I am only available during times stated on my website. I do my best to accommodate your request, and to be available as it suits you, though this is not always possible. I have many responsibilities in my personal life, and I also prefer keeping organised - my personal schedule is often sorted a week in advance.

Limiting chat prior to spending time with me. I love talking to my lovers, finding out your interests and desires, and getting to know you intimately. I view this as an important part of my service, however, this can be quite time consuming, and disappointing when I devote a large amount of time talking to you and you fail to show up, or cancel soon before our time together. For this reason, I try to limit the amount of time I talk to you prior to our first booking. Regular lovers who pay for my time are welcome to converse with me.

Being respectful. This is always mandatory, and lovers who are respectful of my time and personal boundaries will always be more highly regarded. Viewing me as a real person rather than a vessel for your pleasure will guarantee a higher quality of service. Our time together is a mutual experience, and best when both parties practice enthusiastic consent and are gentle with each other.

Bringing gifts. We live in a material world, and I am a material girl. I adore receiving gifts from my lovers, even a bar of chocolate goes a long way to boosting my mood. A bottle of wine is even better. Thoughtful, highly personalised gifts are especially adored. They are never expected beyond payment for my time, but always appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read this

If you have any questions you feel haven't been answered by my website, please send me an email. I can answer these more quickly than texts as I am not always able to use my work phone.