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Sizzling and Sensational

There’s bubbles in the backseat for a boozy picnic and it’s not the only thing fizzing with excitement. We find a quiet park nearby to enjoy the summer evening sunshine, sitting on the grass, and clink our glasses to the adventure we’ve been excited for all week. Between sips, we discuss our evening plans, our festive celebrations, and ponder more debauchery for 2022. Never one to be late, we leap over the road a few minutes early, race up the stairs, to be warmly greeted by the lovely receptionist. We’re led into our paradise for the hour, which has every wall covered in mirrors, two massage beds for two lovers soon dancing round the room, awaiting our gorgeous masseuses. We’ve booked the mystery date, we love the thrill of wondering who’s going to indulge us

A gentle knock on the door and in walk two beauties, Miley and Kourtney. All smiles, lovely lingerie, and their energy lights up the room as we both get a warm hug. We’re led to the shower, quickly soap each other up, and I can feel someone’s already roaring to go. We lie down, the warm oil pours over our backs, and the world simply melts away. Kourtney’s chosen me; she’s stunning with gorgeous bouncy curls, soft skin, and a decadent sensual touch. I’m feeling chatty and we reveal they’re our foreplay for a glorious evening to come. They’re both so easy to talk to and we’re soon all having a laugh as we ease into our massage. Miley’s all over him, a master of her craft, and I find myself captivated by her sensuous movements. She’s every inch the model beauty, immaculate makeup, softly spoken with a sweet giggle

My hand finds his and we turn slightly to watch each other’s masseuse body slide all over us, feeling Kourtney’s luscious curves work their way over me, her soft hands caressing my thighs. In a blissful state, he whispers that he’s died and gone to heaven, and I feel like I’m floating. We gush over how thrilled we are to be able to indulge like this, to relax and enjoy this sensuality and touch and affection. When it’s time to flip over, we’re star struck by more full length body slides, two gorgeous smiles, and hands gently exploring, caressing, stroking. As they start to build the pace slowly, Kourtney places my hands on her hips and we become completely entangled. My date and I find ourselves both breathlessly aroused and equally mesmerised. We decide to top and tail on the tables, so he can get a better view of the action between Kourtney and I, as well as lending a hand. Miley’s working her miracles, and her cheeky demeanour and quick wit shines through. It’s a beautiful thing when you can feel everyone having a lovely time. Soon we’re blissed out, totally satisfied, and catching our breath as these two gorgeous women gently send us back to earth

Thank you Miley and Kourtney, and to Debonairs for always exceeding my expectations

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