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Reviews are helpful to demonstrate authenticity and credibility of providers, though I have mixed opinions on reviewing intimate services. Every client relationship I have is special and unique, and your experience may likely vary. 

However, I do appreciate keeping my testimonials updated, so if you have enjoyed our time together and wish to say a few words, this can be done on AdultForum
Please do not include graphic details or personal information about my life.

Mr. M. May 5th 2023


I have been meaning to write this for a while, but work has been quite hectic for the past few months. Both in the office and with my travels. However a few weeks ago, I finally took a long weekend and decided to skip work on Tuesday after easter to make an extra long weekend. The week prior, I got in touch with Chloe to arrange a few hours of indulgence. She promptly responded, and we agreed on a time. It was effortless to make arrangements again.

On the morning after calling in sick (cough cough), I headed into the city, determined to be on time. I arrived fairly early, parked my car, and took a moment to reflect on the plans I had made with Chloe to shake off the post long weekend blues. We agreed to a bit of play involving whipped cream. The appropriate time to send the I've arrived text cam and Chloe responds with the instructions to head up. Once in the room Chloe has gone out of her way to provide some food, drink and the best part herself. Chloe is a blond and blue eyed stunner. She springs on me almost immediately we have a great make out session on the couch. I've worn a tie to the date. During the undressing. Clothes have flung far and wide, my tie has ended up on Chloe and we have great fun . Whipped cream play and a neck tie. Giggles and sexy play. This oncourse all leads in to the bedroom. Having sex with Chloe is an experience all in its own.

We break after the first round for a quick snack and some great conversation in the nude. Chloe is like visiting somebody you have known for years. Her apartment is full of interesting pieces. Including a great bit of art. 
Afterwards, more of the same. Chloe has a way of mesmerizing me in those blue eyes as we go back to the bedroom.
The neck tie stayed on Chloe for the entire visit. And provided a great bit of fun in its own right.

Thank you Chloe for giving me a memorable time. Putting whipped cream and then removing it off you will stay with me forever. You are an absolute pleasure.


Mr. F. March 23rd 2023


I had a very exceptional experience with Chloe. From my first contact to the last date, everything was perfect, beautiful, and flawless. This was my first time booking a date and I was fortunate to have found Chloe. For me dating was a new experience and seeing someone new can often cause nervousness and anxiety, but Chloe has a way to ease the transition into dating. You will be taken care of throughout the whole session and go at your own pace. She is very kind and caring, always guiding you throughout the whole process, and willing to listen to any concerns you may have. She truly makes the effort to make sure you have the best experience possible. I highly recommend her.


Mr. M. March 5th 2023

After multiple times being told I need to see Chloe from her fellow providers/ reading reviews/ and the few interactions on this forum. I actually got my unorganised ass in to the city for a wonderful time. Again I find myself asking myself why did it take me so long.

I don’t think I’ve ever meet a person who is so friendly.

I normally book a few days early. So I emailed Chloe on Thursday for a Saturday 90min evening booking. Response and plans confirmed. Saturday rolls around and I get ready. I normally super organised when it comes to bookings. It’s a bit of a hike to get into the city so I’m normally arrive a bit early. But Google has me arriving 15min early. For me and the distance I dive that’s cutting it close. Anyway I send a text to Chloe confirming I’m on time. I wasn’t. I seem to catch every traffic light and this Saturday seems to be like a workday morning on the Auckland Motorway. I arrive 1 min late. Park up and grab my phone. But Chloe has already text me instructions how to come up to the place. This is easy enough.

Upon arrival I finally meet Chloe. Welcome formally done. Drink in had we move to the couch to have a chat. During our wonderful chat we get closer. Chloe has mesmerising blue eyes. As we get closer it gets heavier and then the make out begins. Dresses hitched. Shirts and jackets thrown off. Shoes sent to somewhere. On the way to the bedroom more things departed to the four corners.

In the room I get to explore and experience
Chloe in all her amazement. Passionate and beautiful. Chloe is what I was told and expected.
More chats and learning about this wonderful person afterwards. What an interesting person. Sexy and intelligent to boot.

I will definitely keep in touch with Chloe and look forward to meeting her again.


Mr. V. November 29th 2022

Chloe's been on my bucket list for sometime ... Fortunately, the stars aligned and I could finally meet Chloe. The communication to arrange the booking was straightforward and location was provided once I confirmed the booking. Upon reaching her location, the apartment is in a safe location and once I texted her that I'd arrived, she immediately sent me the instructions to reach her room. Upon opening the door, I was met with a gorgeous lady in front of me and immediately gave me a hug and kiss. Chloe then led me to her couch where she was very affectionate and alot of kissing (it's been a while since an escort has done this with me on the couch) so I was pleasantly surprised.

After showering, we went into her bedroom and she gave me a sensual massage with a bit of teasing and plenty of body slides. We tried some 69 and then finished off with some in a couple of different positions. After showering and getting ready to leave, Chloe gave me a goodbye kiss and left the room with a huge grin on my face.

I enjoyed my time with Chloe. I would definitely go for a repeat booking (maybe a longer booking next time). She is very affectionate and sweet and deserves all of the positive feedback. Her personal website is worth a visit so I would suggest checking it out so you get to know a bit more about her and her services.


Thanks Chloe and lovely to meet you (finally!), until next time. Link

Mr. G. November 5th 2022

Just wanted to say once more thank you to both of you for last night. I went to bed and had major flashbacks and was actually twitching again. I'm definitely going to come back!

Mr. S. August 4th 2022

Thank you Chloe for being so loving and caring and understanding. You made my night

Mr. S. July 28th 2022

Chloe & Ashley, that was wonderful, everything I could have imagined, wanted, and hoped for. I'm going to be thinking of this for a long time for come. I feel like the two of you have added five years to my life with the love and affection you put into your service. Thank you

Mr. J. May 31st 2021


I was so lucky to be able to book a double with Daisy and Chloe when Chloe visited the Deep South last week. I have met Daisy on multiple occasions and have always had an amazing time, I have seen many top reviews for Chloe but more than the reviews I have always enjoyed the way Chloe interacts on the forum. I have always thought she is kind and genuine. Making the booking was super simple as any time would suit me so I simply asked Daisy to suggest times that suited her and Chloe. So with the booking made all that was left was to wait for a couple of days and let my imagination do its thing.


On the day of the booking as usual I showered taking extra care to make sure I was super clean and smelling fresh. I was a little nervous when I arrived as this was going to be my second ever double. I was met at the door by both Chloe and Daisy both looking gorgeous with smiles that would put the most nervous at ease. Chloe was closest so I quickly learnt why she is known as cuddly Chloe, as I received a hug so full of warmth I am sure could melt the polar ice cap.


Followed up by an equally melting hug from Daisy. I thought Daisy's smile was even bigger than normal which is a feat in its self as Daisy is such a smiley person. In hindsight I think it may have been because she already knew how much of a good time we were about to have. I was led into the bedroom where we started to get a little more acquainted and I have to say all of a sudden my only cares in the world were which set of lips I should engage with and whose back I should rub gently.


Chloe suggested some refreshments and while Daisy offered to go get them to give Chloe and I a minute or two to get to know each other a bit better. Chloe is truly beautiful, her face eyes and smile all get together to tell a story, that is both relaxing and calming along with burning sensuality. Daisy arrived back with some refreshments and joined in. I spent the rest of our time together engulfed in a depth of feelings of passion and seduction that I had only dreamed of.


I am not one to describe what happens in a booking but I will share some special parts. I love to gently lick and suck on a nipple but when you look across and see a beautiful lady doing the same on the other nipple that really kicks the feelings up a notch; and to be told a little bit later it was a race to see who got the nipple erect first was only a little bit of the humor in amongst all the other wonderful feelings. The thing I learnt quickly about a double is there are two sets of everything and when both the ladies turn their attention on you and when you think you have it under control another sensation appears and you're hopelessly lost again.


If that isn't enough when you have a tongue on each side of a very sensitive part of the male anatomy and they lick upward in unison culminating in a passionate kiss all hope of any control is instantly lost. Both of these ladies know how to transport a man to cloud nine and then keep us there till the explosive end. Even days later every time I think about it I feel so good. I hope to see these stunning ladies again both one on one and as a double. Link


Mr. K. January 4th 2021


Chloe is an absolute treasure with sparkling eyes of sapphire.

It is clear from the amount of thought and polish on her website and social media that Chloe cares about her work. In person that will soon become evident as being highly intelligent, educated, and above all kind she will make you feel comfortable with effortless chat. Later, being the exquisite goddess she is, she will make you feel divine.

Time with Chloe is to be savoured - sessions of a longer duration are highly recommended by this humble fellow. Link


Mr. T. December 3rd 2020

Chloe was an absolute pleasure all throughout - right from the point of the initial email correspondence, during the session and communication afterwards. If you want to feel like you've met an intelligent yet naughty friend, go and see Chloe. She was very attentive to my requests. In my email, I had specified a rather unusual request. Chloe said that while she would be very happy to give it a go, she couldn't guarantee how well she could make it work. I liked how upfront and honest she was about it, yet (for some reason) I was confident that she would be able to pull it off. True to her word though, she totally embraced that unusual request during our meeting, made it look natural and actually exceeded my expectations! In addition to all the fun we had, we also had such an enjoyable banter that my 90 minutes flew by in a flash. I will happily go see her again, in fact, I am already looking forward to it!


Mr. B. December 3rd 2020

Seen her before. Extended booking with steak dinner out. Impeccable table manners and looked great. Premises tick all the boxes fluffy towels and always cool stuff in the fridge. Really cool body and boobs and stuff. Not a clock watcher. Really good conversationalist. Service v good with real zeal. John Thomas fires further with this one. Blew my mind really. Again. Awesome girl. 11/10. Link

Mr. S. July 17th 2020
Some time ago, I was researching for escorts, and the one that stood out was Chloe's. Eventually, I plucked up the courage to first have a social date. I really enjoyed my time chatting and laughing, and did not feel rushed, and even sure went a little past my time, but there was no pressure to run away or clock watching by her.
I decided I would go back for an intimate date, and a bundle of nerves I was, but we had a good chat on the couch, then a nice shower, and she made me feel comfortable, and I had a really great time. I been meaning to go back for some time, and still follow and look at social media from time to time. I was lucky enough to catch one of her free social dates on the 12 days of Chlomas giveaways. We went to brunch in the city, and had a good couple of hours chatting away.
She's a really nice girl, beautiful, cute, sexy, and all the good things, and a good conversationist. Overall no complaints, and any experience is a lot of fun with her. I'm writing this as looking at the site tonight, thinking when I should go back. Link
Mr. S. January 8th 2020

I had been keeping my beady eye on the variety of reviews posted for Chloe for some time and finally plucked up the courage to see if there was any basis to all the adulation.

But alas, she had been in Hamilton a week prior and I’d been away with work. So a wee text to find out if she had another trip planned and low and behold Chloe will make a trip down from Auckland any time that suits. Turns out she was in Wellington for the weekend, flew back to Auckland on the Monday morning and then drove down to Hamilton for our little sojourn, what a wonderful girl she is!

We had arranged to meet in the bar at my hotel, to share a couple of drinks and get to know one another. And the sight of her, beautifully dressed in a blue skirt, a smile like no other, had me captured. But there was more, her eyes, her beautiful blue eyes that seemed so intense, like they were staring in to my soul.

So we talked some and drank some, and talked some more and drank some more, my nerves of being with a gorgeous young woman quickly diminishing. Chloe is no slouch on the couch, she is intelligent, empathetic, witty and inspiring to converse with; I was captivated from the moment she said “hi”.

And so it was the need of a little privacy, to get to know each other; on carnal terms, to slowly remove that pretty skirt and share in some much needed intimacy, to immerse in one another, devour her taste and savour the fruits…..yes, this was magic indeed.

Treat this lovely lady with tenderness and respect and she will reward you with an experience to behold; and one I will be hoping to repeat before too long. Link

Mr. Slowhand. December 11th 2019

Chloe and the Lingam - review nominated for the AF Awards 2019

So I’ve foregone seeing someone new, because quite frankly their lazy replies have drained my enthusiasm, but that’s okay because I’m staying at a beautiful place for my away job, I’ll save my hard-earned dollars tonight and settle petal into an evening of quiet contemplation and Chinese takeaways. But I’ll slide into Chloe’s DMs, yo Chlo, yo Slo, and it turns out she’s in Hamilton but her ad says Auckland, and she says get yer ass over here boy, I’m learning Lingam, you’d be a great test dummy, and one thing I’ve learned: if Chloe says get yer ass over here you get your ass over there, because good things happen. Very good things. 

And they do. 

Do they what. 

90 minutes I say, with wine, and nothing beats a leafy drive through our beautiful countryside, a pretty gal and a promise at the other end. 

I’d helped a damsel in distress last week; Chloe, actually; there was an issue with a lightbulb, and she’d greeted her lightbulb man in a pink body suit and black leggings and the lightbulb man almost popped his circuit at the wonder of it all, because Chloe wears a pink body suit and leggings exquisitely well. 

And I’ve been dwelling on this pink body suit. My day to day thoughts fly from one crazy thing to another, but lately these thoughts have been stopped in their tracks by images of this pink wonder of the world and she’s wearing it tonight, I notice on my arrival, much to my pleasure, and Chloe’s amusement, when she senses the signs of this pleasure, and we dance, as we do, and we know there’s plenty of perfectly good places to sit and enjoy our wine but we’re too excited for that and we’ve got perfectly good legs, Chloe’s especially, and we know how to use them. I warn her; I’m afraid I have the serious hots for you, I’m gonna struggle to keep my hands off, but this just serves to make our smiles even bigger, our dances even closer. 

We decide we need more than Chloe’s box of Favourites to sustain us, and we can linger on the Lingam later, so out into the night we go for cocktails and fries at the Helm. Alas the bodysuit is relegated to the walk-on wardrobe, but its replacement is equally captivating, and I realise it’s not so much the bodysuit that’s getting me all worked up, it’s what’s in it. 

Chloe wants me on the bed. She’s ripped the towel off and manoeuvred me into position for the final shove, I do a backwards scramble up to the pillows and assume position whereupon she pounces, takes the bull by the horns, and we’re off, exploring our Lingam with gusto, and tonight is another amazing adventure with my beautiful friend but it’s suddenly gone into orbit and I have no idea by what magic these sensational sensations are occurring; I just know that they are, every touch is electric, charged, every stroke, every squeeze, yet another step on this relentless ride to heaven, she’s nestled up close and personal, only a breath away, her whole being focused on her labours, on me, I pop up every now and then to wax lyrical in her ear; I’m feeling the love, and the need to remind her that my hands have needs too, but there is a force of nature driving me back to my ringside seat and I’m awash in an avalanche of delicious sensations and it’s visual too; she’s gorgeous at any given time but tonight and right now she’s heavenly, exquisite; a dream, her hair’s tied back but two strands have escaped captivity, devils’ horns, she’s a deliciously devilish angel comin’ for to me, and I’m in heaven. 

Trust me. This. Is. Extraordinary. Link

Mr. LL. October 24th 2019

Because of her other contacts, I started to follow her on social networks (especially Twitter) and I immediately had the impression of a sweet and kind girl, this made me very curious and besides I had never met a girl from New Zealand. When I saw that she was on vacation in Italy I immediately wrote her an email. As always I introduced myself, I explained to her what intrigued me about her, I sent her my references and my photos and I proposed her to meet us in Florence. Her response was very kind and so we started writing to better define the details of our appointment. During this exchange of emails I had the confirmation that Chloe was a very sweet girl and therefore I proposed her a double date, then a super extended Lunch Date. She accepted and so we agreed everything in detail.


We met in Florence on a beautiful sunny day, she was as beautiful as the day, maybe even more beautiful. Solar, bright and smiling. Chloe was the perfect companion in the perfect place. I had booked a nice restaurant to make her feel at ease and to eat well while we knew each other slowly, at the end of lunch we spent some time together (logically I won't write any details) and then we went out to visit Florence and to enjoy the beauty of that city. We talked, we laughed, we spent good time together.


Then we decided to spend the next time together and Chloe's company turned out to be of excellent quality again. She puts you at ease, she is very kind and very sweet but at the same time manages to be sexy and voluptuous. As someone has already written, she is of a beauty of other times and so Chloe is the perfect woman to meet in Italy and especially in Florence, but I'm sure I would have liked her very much even if I had met her in New Zealand, indeed I can already affirm that wherever I will meet her next time I will like her even more because it does not count where but it counts "with whom" and I am sure that she will make me feel great regardless of the place we meet.

Mr Nawayy. 17th May 2019

Well it's taken me six months, but I owe this lovely lady a review.

- blooming and derived from the fertility goddess
- organised booking
- gives great social media
- loves a date rather than just a booking, and she gives great dates!
- small, happy and a tease
- builds to the bedroom with ease
- cracks great fun moments
- is an awesome time

Our date was booked I dunno now, 6 weeks ahead, and she carried on a social chat all the way up to the day. I picked her up at her easy to find location and we went west as far as you can go, enjoyed some nature, then had some lovely alcohol and a great lunch on the way back to town and then we had a relaxed and beautiful time in bed together.

It was one of the most perfect escort times ever and whilst I can't afford that kind of treat too often (6 hours!) I do want to enjoy it with a woman who can genuinely pull it off, she can! Link

Mr D. 27th April 2019

Booking was easy, first time online booking for me - but we went through this process 3 times before we actually met. The cancellations were nobodies fault, it would have been easy to be cynical but her response was such a lovely gesture it put me on the back foot. This lady is pure class.

Well the third time is the charm, it was an absolutely delightful first encounter - it's hard to believe the time went that fast. I'm won't wax lyrical as some other reviewers have already done, but she really is the embodiment of intelligent, gentle, feminine empathy. A beautiful lady inside and out. I can't remember meeting anyone who knew that much about the range of subjects we covered, it was stuff one couldn't possibly have known unless you were really interested. 
Music, science, comedy, marketing, management dynamics...I've said it before - even dirty old nerds need love. (I think I may have out-nerded her)  - I might pay for that later 

After meeting such a lady the best I can do is leave the rest to your imagination... It is the only gentlemanly thing to do. 

Really looking forward to the next time. Link

Mr R. 20th April 2019


She had the top ranking profile (on NZ Pleasures in March) so I can only say she lives up to the hype. Her best trait is probably her ability to adapt to your requests (within reason) making repeat visits very worth it as you become closer.

Mr. Parkera. 4th February 2019

Now let me tell you. I'm no wordsmith, not a gunsmith. certainly no Will Smith, heck my last name isn’t even Smith. But when I get the absolute privilege of spending time with an amazingly strong, intelligent, honest, down to earth, genuine beautiful woman I find myself compelled to write down a few words. My words, often plain and simple, sometimes gushing of emotion but nonetheless are honest and so begins my epistle of Chloe Beaumont

I’ve had the pleasure of Chloe’s company a few times recently and from the moment you are greeted, one can not help but notice a smile that would melt any heart, her sparkling eyes and in an instant you are at ease. Chloe just has that awesome ability to wash away any nerves or apprehension one like myself gets in these situations.

Our times together I found have expanded onto the next, an ever growing, naturally evolving encompassment, as we embrace not only each other but good movies, great food, chatting, chilling, loads of giggles, laughter and one can not misplace the greatness that is Chloe’s Cuddles. 

These aren’t just your everyday run of the mill cuddles, oh lawdy lawdy miss clawdy no; these are on another level entirely. A place where you can have an intimate connection, where you can feel as though you can immerse into each other; where the rhythm of our embraces beat to the same tune. A great place to relax, chat, be listened to and be comfortable with each other. And for me a great way to connect more with Chloe before intimacy takes a further step to which this gentleman never divulges. 

Now I find Im a sucker for a beautiful woman; in fact I go weak at the knees when one's beauty shines not just on the outside, but flows out from within. 
Chloe is one such woman; with beautiful sparkling blue/green eyes the colors and beauty of a sun kissed sea on a calm summer's day. If you're lucky and treat her like she deserves you may find that she will draw you ever closer, deeper still, allowing you to see the warm beauty that radiates from within her soul. 

Her soft sweet gentle lips as pure as the morning dew are enough to make this man's heart skip a beat. In her embrace I could feel my temperature rising higher and higher burning into my soul. Mixed in with more soft and gentle touches that have an amazing ability to send sparks of energy throughout my entire being, from my head down to my toes, more than enough to make you want to dance a jig.

Chloe is many things and her photos as beautiful as they are really do not do justice in capturing her true essence and beauty. If Chloe had been around in the renaissance period the likes of Michelangelo, Di Vinci and Raphael would have been inspired to capture her in all her glory and still these masters would have failed. Henry VIII would have tried without fail to add her to his wives club. Elizabeth 1st would have been jealous of her beauty but unlike Mary Queen of Scots, Chloe's witty, cheerful and intelligent banter would have kept her beautiful head on those lovely shoulders. And Rome itself would have fallen to her beauty, move over Cleopatra I say.

Chloe Beaumont a true masterpiece!

Thank you for allowing me the privilege of your company and here’s to more adventures. Link

Mr J. 10th January 2019

Chloe is a very witty, gorgeous blond, a real Kiwi sweet heart. She's very open... and is not shy to show off her mouth watering ass. Her oral skills are great, and our whole session was full of laughter. Link

Mr. Slowhand. 23rd December 2018

I'm not immune to the nerves a man feels when confronted with a beautiful young woman with a sparkle in her eye, but it takes only milliseconds for Chloe to banish those feelings, be gone, and they languish in Siberia still, their place taken by much finer sensations, and I'm admiring Chloe's cool apartment, admiring Chloe, the sparkle in her eye, and admiring the wine we've just poured and we're off, like a couple of old mates catching up, only we're complete strangers who had a feeling this'd be grand and 5 minutes in it's obvious we need to extend, so extend we do.

Because Chloe needs to savoured, like the sweet Riesling we share, and the master winemaker has spent years perfecting this one, perfectly crafted for a palette such as mine.


And this is a very good thing.

We're sitting at either end of the small couch, drinking and talking, leisurely getting the lie of the land, our conversation bouncing from delicious place to delicious place and all the while it's spiced, heats up with a turn in the conversation, or a look, or a gesture, or something more profound, but we're both perfectly happy to let it build in its own sweet time, and build it does and I'm a man split in two; one half taking a happy part in this great conversation with a clever and switched on girl, the other half basking in the goodness laying back in front of me, her gorgeous dress and the treasures inside it no distraction at all, I'm quite capable of taking it all in, basking in it all.

And this is a very, very, good thing.

 Her eyes are beautiful, drawing me in effortlessly with their cheeky happy shine.


And this beautiful happy girl, full of life, with the beautiful eyes, who got me at hi, leads me to a place where we can slip onto something more comfortable. But even this takes time, we need to dance together close, this dress needs to enjoyed a little longer, savoured a little more, on the body where it sits so well, the body savoured too, but eventually we are tangled naked together, very happy in each other's arms, and there'd been a few side trips for sure, Chloe's got a few delicious things to show me on the way, but even this afterglow is a wonderful place to be.


A respectful man gets her full attention, her full beam, the full Beaumonty.


And this is a wonderful thing. Link


Mr. B. 11th November 2018

Chloe Beaumont is a young woman who entered the world of escorting earlier this year. I noticed her presence growing online. Her pictures obviously were pleasing to the eye, and when I delved a little deeper I could see that there were brains included in the package. As someone that enjoys an intellectual connection along with basic physical attraction, I decided to find out more about Chloe.

I made contact with Chloe, and it was clear that she is genuinely lovely and intelligent. It took some time to find a date which suited us both, as it's no secret she leads a very busy life, with her companionship only being a part of that. She would have been within her rights to dismiss me as a time-waster, but luckily for me she was happy to engage as we figured out a time to meet.

Chloe works from an apartment on the fringe of the city. She provided clear instructions on where to meet her, and parking was easy. When I arrived, I texted her and she promptly replied with her apartment number. I excitedly hurried up to finally meet her.

She greeted me at the door wearing a nice little black dress. Without a face showing in her pictures I didn't know what to expect- this is one of many gambles one makes when playing this game. I can say that Chloe is really cute. Distractingly so. She proceeded to start up a conversation with me, and she went on to impress me with wisdom beyond her years. This again showed me that what I saw of Chloe online was the real deal, not an act and not something written by someone else. It should be very obvious to anyone that is ever fortunate enough to meet and speak with Chloe in person that she has an empathetic and inquisitive mind.

Unfortunately a booking only has a finite amount of time, and whilst I could have happily spent mine talking with Chloe about life, the universe, and everything, I was there for a little bit more. Chloe was more than capable of providing that. I won't go into great detail, however what I will say is that her service is a true GFE with extra cuddles, and it all felt genuine.

It should be quite obvious to anyone that has made it this far that I was quite smitten by Chloe. She's intelligent, cute, a great conversationalist, and provides a remarkable service. I don't think it's possible for a booking with her to be anything short of amazing. Link

Mr J. 13th September 2018 

Where to start... Spending time with Chloe was an amazing experience and one that I will enjoy time and time again. She is so compassionate with a beautiful smile and curves in all the right places what more could you want! Conversation flows so easy with Chloe, I was a bit worried as the first time meeting someone can be nerve racking as what to say, if there is even going to be a connection or an awkward moment. Well let me tell you we hit it off straight away and things flowed so well; one minute were talking and kissing the next we are getting down and dirty. One of the best experiences I have had with a companion. Don’t miss out book at least 1 hour with Chloe now you won’t regret it! Absolute pleasure meeting you babe until next time xx

Mr. S.

I met this beautiful highly educated top class lady. OMG she looks like real star. Easy booking through online chat and she has a nice, clean apartment. She is great kisser so let her lead the show, you will be in heaven. Very intelligent girl, reads your mind and delivers. I came out with a happy face and all stress relieved. Treat her nice guys, she is professional. Link.

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