My Wishlist
Presents in my presence

A card with a thoughtful note

Fresh fruit - especially berries
Dark chocolate 
Sweet-smelling flowers

Dairy-Free Treats from Tart Vegan Bakery
Champagne or sweet white wine

Delights from a distance

David Jones

Mecca Beauty

Mighty Ape



Generous Gifts 

Blunt Umbrella

Vouchers for spas and massages 1, 2, 3

Silk Pillowcases and Sheets

A Lace Robe from HB

My Dream Shoes

I am deeply thankful for your continued generosity and kindness.

E Gift Cards are great if you wish to show your appreciation for my online content and my engagement with you. For your discretion, you are welcome to send from more neutral options of stores which are less likely to raise suspicion on a bank statement. I will only see the name you choose the gift card to be from. 

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